Method of effective simulation training of intracorporeal suture technique

Written by Rubanov V.A., Lutsevich O.E., Gallyamov E.A., Tolstyh M.P., Mikhaylikov T.G.

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Intracorporeal suture (ICS) is regarded today as a mandatory element, which the surgeon must possess before the development of laparoscopic surgery in the operating room. At the Department of Surgery No. 1 MSMSU proposed a simulation method of effective teaching ICS on box simulators. The testing method was attended by 255 students: students of medical universities, interns, residents, and practicing surgeons. Only 20 % of doctors have shown the necessary level of knowledge of manual skills to start learning the art of ICS. All students, interns, residents, and 80 % of physicians had to start training with basic exercises unit. During testing, the proposed method of separate training of ICS has demonstrated high performance, availability, and economic benefits.

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V.A. Rubanov1, 2, O.E. Lutsevich1, 3, E.A. Gallyamov1, M.P. Tolstyh1, 4, T.G. Mikhaylikov2
1 A.I. Evdokimov Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University (20/1 Delegatskaya St. Moscow 127473 Russian Federation),
2 Central clinical hospital of civil aviation (7 Ivankovskoye HW Moscow, 125367 Russian Federation),
3 Center of endoscopic surgery and lithotripsy (62 Entusiastov HW Moscow 111123 Russian Federation),
4 52 City Clinical Hospital (3 Pekhotnaya St. Moscow 123182 Russian Federation)

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