Neurophysiological model of pathogenesis and treatment options for urinary disorders

Written by Danilov V.V., Ostobunaev V.V., Borschenko S.A., Osinkin K.S.

  UDK: 616.62-008.22-07:612.8-08 | Pages: 94–96 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


Observation of practice. On the basis of the neurophysiological model, developed by the authors, it is explained the clinical symptoms and urodynamic parameters in patients with neurogenic bladder. It was used the original method uroflowmetry at home, which has allowed to make a differential diagnosis and justify the treatment regimen. This example suggests that the urodynamic examination in such cases is not necessary for the verification of bladder outlet obstruction, but to determine the nature of the disease.

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V.V. Danilov1, V.V. Ostobunaev2, S.A. Borschenko1, K.S. Osinkin3
1 JSC Russian Railways hospital branch at the Vladivostok station (25 Verkhneportovaya St. Vladivostok 690063 Russian Federation),
2 Victory Clinic (3/1 Lenina Ave. Yakutsk 677000 Russian Federation),
3 Artyom City Hospital No. 1 (13 Partizanskaya St. Artyom 692760 Russian Federation)

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