the biomechanical properties of the cornea, Scheimpflug histograms, grafts, intraocular pressure

Written by the biomechanical properties of the cornea, Scheimpflug histograms, grafts, intraocular pressure

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Objective. In patients with degenerative myopia even low-impact intervention such as the phacoemulsification (PE) is accompanied by an increased risk of intraoperative and postsurgery complications.  Methods. A clinical analysis of the PE results in 102 patients suffering from complicated cataract on the background of degenerative myopia. The comparison group consisted of 100 patients with uncomplicated myopic and senile cataract. Results. Despite the complete lack of intraoperative complications, the incidence of late postoperative retinal complications in the study group was 6.2 %. Among them: macular edema, partial vitreous detachment, peripheral vitreochorioretinal dystrophy and rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.  Conclusions. Taking into consideration the possibility of retinal complications in the postoperative period, the PE can be considered reasonable for a long dispensary observation. Its periodicity should be every three months during the first year (the most dangerous period). Thus it is necessary to examine in depth how the posterior pole and the equatorial and peripheral parts of the retina.

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K.V. Sokolov
Primorskiy Center of Eye Microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok 690088 Russian Federation)

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