Neurons of spinal lamella X

Written by Porseva V.V., Shilkin V.V.

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The review presents extensive information about the position, form and functions of neurons of spinal lamella X in different animals that are the evidence of cells presence in autonomic nervous system (central nucleus), premotor interneurons and ectopic primary sensory neurons. With sufficient detail it is presented the results of the study of neuronal activity of acetylcholinesterase and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate- diaphorase by histochemical methods, choline, gammaaminobutyric acid, and nitric oxide synthase and calbindin by immunohistochemistry, supported by illustrations of their own research. These data allow the authors to believe that around the central canal of the spinal cord is functioning complex cluster of premotor neurons providing excitatory and inhibitory effect on motor neurons, preganglionic neurons of the autonomic nervous system, simpatotsity exercising innervation of the spinal cord vessels, as well as the primary sensory neurons.

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V.V. Porseva, V.V. Shilkin
Yaroslavl State Medical University (5 Revolyutsionnaya St. Yaroslavl 150000 Russian Federation)

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