Structure of the primary glomerulopathy among the adult population of the Northwestern Federal District of Russia

Written by Sipovskii V.G., Lebedev K.I.

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Objective. In national literature there are only a few papers on the structure and dynamics of kidney disease in the adult population of various regions of the Russian Federation.
Methods. We conducted the analysis of the structure of glomerulopathy (GP) in patients older than 18 years old, verified on the basis of 1955 renal biopsy in the Research Institute of Nephrology of Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University during 15 years.
Results. It was shown the increase of frequency nefrobiopsy, reached by 2014 in the region of 20 per million population per year. Primary GP occurred to be the dominant disease group – 72.3 % of cases, secondary GP were diagnosed in 16.2 % of patients. Primary GP incidence decreased within aging, and till 2010 the proliferative pathologies prevailed. However, in the 2010–2014 the number of non-proliferative GP has exceeded the number of proliferative, which was primarily due to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and membranous nephropathy.
Conclusions. The number of renal biopsies in the Northwestern Federal district of Russia exceeds the number of such European countries as Serbia and Romania, and is significantly behind Finland and Denmark. The tendency to the incidence reduction of proliferative GP in recent decades is accounted for the higher living standards, improving the quality of care and the early use of effective antibiotics.

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V.G. Sipovskii1, 2, K.I. Lebedev1
1 Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University (17 Lva Tolstogo St. Saint Petersburg 197000 Russian Federation),
2 Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre (2 Akkuratova St. Saint Petersburg 197341 Russian Federation)

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