Territorial analysis of the actual nutrition of adolescents in Primorsky territory

Written by Koval’chuk V.K., Yamilova O.Yu., Saenko A.G., Semaniv E.V., Perelomova O.V.

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Objective. The research objective is a hygienic assessment of actual nutrition of adolescent population and territorial distribution of the values of its indicators in Primorsky Territory.
Methods. We studied 1555 adolescents aged 14–17 years (757 boys, 798 girls) in 24 administrative entities, covering all geographical zones of Primorsky territory. The average daily diet of adolescents studied simultaneously on February 17–19, 2015 by analyzing the frequency of food consumption. Caloric value of diet and levels of nutrient intake was calculated from the table of the chemical composition of domestic food.
Results. The daily ration of the teenage population in Primorsky Territory is characterized by lower to 15–23 % energy value, carbohydrate and calcium deficiency (34–56 %), vitamin A (27-56 %), vitamin C (55–65 %) or more, than 1.5-fold excess of sodium. We revealed an imbalance of protein, fats and carbohydrates in the diet: 1:0.9:2.3 – young men, 1:0.8:2 – the girls (at medical rate of 1:1:4). Features of the diet of adolescents characterized by excessive consumption of sausages, pasta, porridge from cereals, combined with a marked shortage of milk, dairy products, vegetables, potatoes and fruit.
Conclusions. There were no sharp regional differences in terms of actual nutrition of adolescent population of Primorsky territory. Only the intake of calcium by girls in remote rural areas and provincial cities was significantly lower (about 1.5 times) than in Vladivostok with the highest standard of living in the region. This difference in the calcium content in the diet of girls is the result of more than two-fold difference in the consumption of milk and dairy products.

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V.K. Koval’chuk, O.Yu. Yamilova, A.G. Saenko, E.V. Semaniv, O.V. Perelomova
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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