The analysis of the reproductive health condition in pregnant women with tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan

Written by Nasirdinova J.M., Musuraliev M.S.

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Methods. Conducted the analysis of 45 labor and delivery reports, obstetric and perinatal outcomes in pregnant women with tuberculosis, arrived in Bishkek Perinatal Center from 2005 to 2015. Results. Pulmonary tuberculosis was diagnosed in 31 (69 %), extrapulmonary – 5 (11 %) cases, combined forms of the disease were detected in 4 (9 %), small and large residual changes – in 5 (11 %) patients. Open form of pulmonary tuberculosis recorded in 39 % of cases. In 58 % of pregnant women the disease was diagnosed for the first time. Conclusions. Determined the negative influence of tuberculosis on the reproductive function of women and birth outcomes. In family practice centers, it is necessary to conduct a full medical examination of pregnant women living in new buildings, where the largest number of women from socially vulnerable groups and be particularly alert to respiratory tuberculosis.

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J.M. Nasirdinova, M.S. Musuraliev
I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (92 Akhunbaev St. Bishkek 720020 Kyrgyz Republic)

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