Analysis of complications after heterotopic ileocystoplasty and their treatment

Written by Pogosyan R.R., Vasilchenko M.I., Zabelin M.V., Semenyakin I.V.

  UDK: 616.62-006-089.844-089.168.1-06 | Pages: 62–63 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 

Objegtive. Cystectomy with subsequent intestinal plasty of the urinary reservoir is considered one of the most difficult and traumatic operations in urology with a high risk of complications. Methods. Analyzed the results of surgical treatment with cystectomy and different types of urinary diversion in 105 patients 65–80 years old, suffering from bladder cancer in the X-stage T2–4N0–2M0. Results. Postoperative complications were reported in 38 cases (36.2 %), and almost ¾ of them could be classified as life-threatening. According to the modified classification of Clavien et al. grade I complications were diagnosed in 10, grade II – in 21, grade III – in 7 patients. Conclusions. It is necessary to continue studying of the etiology and pathogenesis of complications oncourological operations subject to a number of risk factors: age, sex, body mass index, duration of the operational benefits, such as diversion, presence of metastases, tumor grade, as well as the experience and technical skills of the surgeon. Such studies are suitable for the development of an effective scheme of management of patients, reducing the incidence of complications and the risk of postoperative mortality.

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R.R. Pogosyan1, M.I. Vasilchenko2, M.V. Zabelin2, I.V. Semenyakin3
1 Medical Institute of Professional Improvement of Moscow State University of Food Production (11 Volokolamskoe RW Moscow  125080 Russian Federation),
2 68 City Clinical Hospital (4 Shkuleva St. Moscow 109263 Russian Federation),
3 50 City Clinical Hospital (21 Vucheticha St. Moscow 127206 Russian Federation)

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