The treatment of the lower lip cancer

Written by Sultanbekov R.A., Dzhunushaliev K.K., Sarzhevskaya M.P., Aytbaev E.S., Minenkov G.O.

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Objective. The study objective is to analyze the results of the X-ray, surgical and combined therapy of the lower lip cancer. Methods. The analysis of the therapy included 474 patients with lower lip cancer. 385 patients received X-ray therapy; 57 patients – surgical therapy; and 32 patients received combined therapy. Distribution of the observation of TNM: T1N0–1M0 – 95, T2N0–3M0 – 248, T3N0–3M0 – 99, T4N0–3M0 – 32. Conducted 189 resections of the lower lip (77 of them on the author's method of cheiloplasty), 222 cervical lymph node dissection (41 of them – modified). Long-term results of treatment were evaluated by Kaplan–Meier. Results. Cancer recurrence after X-ray, the combined and surgical treatment diagnosed in 241 (62 %), 6 (19 %), and 7 (12.2 %) patients, respectively. 3- and 5-year survival of patients were 56.7±2.3 and 49.6±3.4 %, 76.0±9.3 and 70.7±11.9 %, 77.6±7.9 and 72.4±8.3 % for all stages of cancer after X-ray, the combined and surgical treatment methods, respectively. Conclusions. It is necessary to conduct active surgical tactics in the treatment of cancer of the lower lip. Cheiloplasty method and a modified version of the functional neck dissection may reduce postoperative complications and recurrences.

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R.A. Sultanbekov, K.K. Dzhunushaliev, M.P. Sarzhevskaya, E.S. Aytbaev, G.O. Minenkov
National Oncology Centre of the Kyrgyz Republic (92 Akhunbaeva St. Bishkek 720064 Kyrgyz Republic)

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