The choice of surgical treatment method of chronic pancreatitis

Written by Sarvanov I.A., Rapovka V.G., Sobolevskaya O.A.

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Objective. Treatment of chronic pancreatitis is still a matter of debate and a different approach to tactics and the choice of surgical technique. Methods. We studied the immediate and long-term results of surgical treatment of 76 patients 26–64 years with chronic pancreatitis. It was performed such pancreas surgery as draining, resection, and mixed operations. Results. Postoperative mortality was not registered, early complications reported in 29.4 % of cases. In 86.4 % of patients after surgery for Puestow registered positive analgesic effect. The weight of operated patients, body mass index increased on average from 19.2 to 22.9 kg/m2. Diabetes developed after surgery in 16.4 % of cases. Three people who had undergone resection of the pancreatic tail, came to the clinic after 3-6 months after the intervention with ketoacidosis. 18 % of operated patients needed substitution therapy of pancreatic enzymes due to steatorrhea. Conclusions. In chronic pancreatitis with ductal dilatation longitudinal pancreatostomy is a safe and reliable means of pain relief with minimal loss of exocrine and endocrine organ functions. In the calcinosis of a gland and the absence of diabetes resected surgery is indicated. In the decompensated stage of chronic pancreatitis with moderate pain syndrome surgery is inappropriate.

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I.A. Sarvanov, V.G. Rapovka, O.A. Sobolevskaya
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivosotok 690950 Russian Federation)

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