Simultaneous plastic of the pharynx defect in the surgical treatment of cancer of the pyriform sinus

Written by Dzhunushaliev K.K., Sarzhevskaya M.P., Aytbaev E.S., Sultanbekov R.A., Minenkov G.O.

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It was developed a method for treating cancer of the pyriform sinus: special skin incision allows you to carry out surgical operations simultaneously and efficiently on the neck tissue and primary focus area, i.e. to perform radical surgical intervention program. On the other hand, due to the cut, at the final stage of the operation a reliable wound closure is achieved. As the plastic material used the mucosa and soft tissues of the intact half of the larynx. In this method, it was treated 61 patients with primary cancer of the pyriform sinus of the stage 3–4. Satisfactory results were obtained. The act of swallowing was restored in all cases in the 10–16th day. At the time of writing the article, 35 patients (57 %) were alive, 3- and 5-year survival was 62.8 and 58.6 %, respectively.

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K.K. Dzhunushaliev, M.P. Sarzhevskaya, E.S. Aytbaev, R.A. Sultanbekov, G.O. Minenkov
National Oncological Center of the Kyrgyz Republic (92 Akhunbaev St. Bishkek 720064 Kyrgyz Republic)

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