Experimental substantiation of laser radiation parameters in surgery of neoplasms of palpebral and epibulbar localization

Written by Dubaysi I.N., Kulikov A.N., Maltsev D.S.

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Objective. The objective of this study is the analysis of the effect of the laser radiation energy parameters with the waves of 0.81 and 1.06 μm and pigmentation levels on the depth and volume of the tumor destruction.  Methods. The depth and the diameter of a destruction zoneunder the influence of the laser radiation 1, 1.5, and 3 W with the exposition of 45 and 60 sec. were assessed under pathomorphological analysis on the pigmented, lightly pigmented and nonpigmented samples of a tumor.  Results. The destruction depth of the lightly pigmented and pigmented tissue with the wave of 0.81 μm is no more than 4 and 3 mm, and with the wave of 1.06 – no more than 8 and 5 mm, respectively. The destruction depth of the lightly pigmented and non-pigmented tissue under the influence of the laser radiation with the wave of 0.81 and 1.06 μm has the similar features.  Conclusions. With the rise of the wave-length of the laser radiation from 0.81 to 1.06 μm, its absorption increases, and the reliance ofabsorption level on the pigmentation decreases.

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I.N. Dubaysi1, A.N. Kulikov2, D.S. Maltsev2
1 Clinic CORIS Assistance (46 Chugunnaya St. St. Petersburg 194044 Russian Federation),
2 S.M. Kirov Miltary and Medical Academy (6 Akademika Lebedeva St. St. Petersburg 94044 Russian

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