Diagnosis and treatment of neoplasms of the organ of vision in the Primorskiy Centre of Eye Microsurgery

Written by Luzyanina V.V.

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Objective. An attempt has been made to analyze the level and structure of the incidence of the main forms of tumor of the organ of vision in Primorskiy territory in 2011–2016 based on the materials of Primorsky Center for Eye Microsurgery, LLC. During this period, 1256 patients aged 4 to 86 years old applied to PCEM with eye tumors.  Methods. Ophthalmic and general methods of instrumental diagnostics were used: ultrasonic morphometry, optical coherence tomography, angiography, color Doppler mapping, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, histological and immunohistochemical studies.  Results. Neoplasms of the eyelids were the most common cause of the treatment – 87 %. Neoplasms of the surface of the eyeball and intraocular localization were registered in 5.7 % of cases. 37 patients of them suffered from metaplastic conjunctival processes, and intraocular neoplasms were first detected in 35 patients. Primary neoplasms of the orbit are diagnosed in 16, secondary – in 4, metastatic processes of the eye and orbit – in 3 cases. More than 90 % efficiency of surgical treatment of organ tumor of the eye is noted at the time of dispensary observation up to 5 years. Only 3.3 % of patients needed combined and high-tech non-invasive treatment and lifelong dispensary supervision.  Conclusions. To improve the quality of medical services for the population, it is necessary to improve the reporting protocols for oncologic ophthalmic diseases. Regional branches of Ophthalmological Association of Russia as the primary care of specialized areas of medicine.

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V.V. Luzyanina
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation), Primorskiy Centre of Eye Microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok 690088 Russian Federation)

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