The role of photobiomicroscopy in the clinical practice of an ophthalmologist

Written by Churganova M.V., Luzyanina V.V.

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To assess the role of photobiomicroscopy in everyday clinical practice, an analysis was made of the diagnosis of diseases most common in the practice of an ophthalmologist. Photo-biomicroscopy was provided to patients suffering from glaucoma, inflammatory and dystrophic eye diseases, oncological pathology and strabismus. In each group, according to the purpose of dynamic observation, universal photo registration parameters were used for objective comparative observation and further processing of photobiocroscopic images using computer software. It is shown that photobiomicroscopy meets the principles of personalized objective assessment of the course and effectiveness of treatment of eye diseases, image processing of a personalized archive, has great potential for clinical analysis, scientific research, as well as in groups of diseases, operations and therapy.

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M.V. Churganova1, V.V. Luzyanina1, 2
Primorskiy Centre of Eye Microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok
690080 Russian Federation)

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