Alphabet of renal surgery: ABC score

Written by Semenyakin I.V., Pushkar D.Yu., Malhasyan V.A., Prokopovich M.A.

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Retried the experience of the study conducted at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA) and devoted to the validation of ABC systems – a new classification of kidney tumors, based on relations between neoplasms and vascular system of the organ. In order to improve the vessels imaging, 39 patients underwent a contrast-enhanced computed tomography according to a special protocol before laparoscopic resection of the kidney. Statistical analysis revealed a strong connection between the stage of neoplasm according to the new classification, the time of ischemia and the volume of intraoperative blood loss. Thus, the ABC scale has shown significant opportunities in predicting the complexity of surgical intervention.

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I.V. Semenyakin1, D.Yu. Pushkar2, V.A. Malhasyan2, M.A. Prokopovich2
1 City Clinical Hospital No. 50 (21 Vucheticha St. Moscow 127206 Russian Federation),
2 A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (20/1 Delegatskaya St. Moscow 127473 Russian Federation)

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