Scientific substantiation of priorities of the prevention of disorders of the biological development of children in Vladivostok

Written by Yatsenko A.K., Trankovskaya L.V., Pervov Yu.Yu., Kutuzova N.V.

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Objective. For the purpose of development and deployment of well-timed preventive and improving actions, prediction and management of health of the children's population, including, in system of social and hygienic monitoring, the systemic research of indexes of development of children in specific conditions of the habitat, as at the individual, and population level is necessary. Methods. The research of criteria of a biological age of children of 3–11 years living in Vladivostok is conducted. Identification of relationships of cause and effect in system habitat factors – biological development of children is carried out. The complex of priority actions for prophylaxis of violations of health of the children's population is evidence-based and developed. Results. It has been established that the modern preschool children and younger students in Vladivostok in most age and sex groups outperform their peers on the previous decades the average for length and weight. The early secondary dentition at children is revealed. The maximal impact on indicators of biological development of children is made: nutriyentny structure of food allowances of the child (19,9–52,3 %), the hygienic normalized factors of a way of life (14,3–48,9 %), and also social and hygienic living conditions (20,8–33,2 %). On the eruption of permanent teeth, in addition to the above factors affect women's nutrition during pregnancy (12,9–21,0 %). Scientifically substantiated and developed a set of priority actions for the prevention of regional children's health problems, which is proposed to be used in the implementation of the regional model of social and hygienic monitoring of children's health.

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A.K. Yatsenko, L.V. Trankovskaya, Yu.Yu. Pervov, N.V. Kutuzova
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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