The role of Primorskiy Center of Eye Microsurgery, LLC in providing ophthalmic care to the population of Primorsky territory

Written by Morozov S.V., Fedyashev G.A., Schellenberg P.V.

  UDK: 617.7:614.21 | Pages: 84–87 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 

Conducted the assessment of the activity, the main results of the work, as well as the personnel potential of the clinic Primorsky Center of Eye Microsurgery, LLC, taking part in the provision of specialized ophthalmic care for patients in the Far Eastern Federal District – from the beginning of activity until 2016. The therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities of the center are evaluated, which made it possible to withdraw the provision of ophthalmic care to the population at the modern level. The number and structure of ophthalmological operations and treatment courses in the clinic under various socially significant eye diseases are analyzed.

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S.V. Morozov1, G.A. Fedyashev1, 2, P.V. Schellenberg1, 2
1 Primorskiy Center of Eye Microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok 690080 Russian Federation),
2 Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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