Possibilities and prospect applications of medicinal plants in Russian Far East.

Written by Gorovoy P.G., Balyshev M.E.

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The review provides intelligence about the usage of medicinal plants that are grown in the Russian Far East region (99 species), that are included in XI (1990) and XIII (2015) editions of State Pharmacopoeia as well as in the list of official types. Analysis was performed on dissemination of Eurasian, extraneous, cultivated, Siberia-Far Eastern, and Far Eastern species. Described is the history of research and possibilities of applications of plants that are distributed only in the Russian Far- Eastern region: araliaceae family (ginseng, oplopanax, spikenard, eleutherococcus) and actinide family (actinidia kolomikta, actinidia arguta), beach rose, five-flavor berry, phellodendron amurense, dioscorea nipponica, lily of the valley, amur maackia; including 5 kinds of plants that are in the Red Book. Perspectives are considered in usage of Far-Eastern pharmacopoeial medicinal plants.

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P.G. Gorovoy1, M.E. Balyshev2
1 Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (159 100-let Vladivostoku Ave. Vladivostok 60022 Russian Federation),
2 The Pacific University School of Pharmacy (190 SE 8th Ave. Suite 181 Hillsboro, OR 97123 United States)

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