Results of the effect of toluene vapors on the reproductive system of male rats

Written by Voloshina I.S.

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Objective. The study objective is to analyze changes in the internal organs of the male reproductive system of mature rats after inhalation exposure to toluene, a component of epoxy resins widely used in industry.
Methods. The experiment was performed on 60 adult male white rats. 30 animals were exposed to inhalation exposure to toluene at a concentration of 500 mg/m3 for 60 days (5 days a week for 5 hours per day). 30 intact rats were used as a control group. Groups of animals (6 rats each) were withdrawn from the experiment on the 1st, 7th, 15th, 30th and 60th days after the termination of exposure to the toxicant. Histological and histomorphometric examination of internal genital organs was performed.
Results. Under conditions toluene effect on the human body, disintegration of germinal epithelium of testes, mild vacuolation of Leydig and Sertoli cells, insignificant decrease in spermatogenesis index, decrease in secretion in the prostate gland and a moderate decrease in the height of the epithelium of seminal vesicles were observed.
Conclusions. The study for the first time describes the effect of chemical exposure of toluene on the entire complex of organs of the reproductive system of rats. The question of whether the data obtained can be compared with the results of similar studies requires a separate analysis.

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I.S. Voloshina
St. Luke Lugansk State Medical University (1g 50th Anniversary of the Defense of Lugansk 91045 Lugansk)

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