Features of diagnosis and surgical treatment of otosclerosis in the PSMU clinic of otolaryngologic diseases

Written by Gilifanov Е.А.

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Objective. The study objective is to analyze the difficulties arising during the operation on the stapes.
Methods. Carried out the analysis of 86 kofosurgical interventions performed to the extent of small fenestral stapedectomy according to Causse. The closest audiological results were evaluated in 50 cases.
Results. Difficulties that could affect the results of surgical treatment were registered in 24 cases (27.9 %) and divided into two groups: preoperative and intraoperative. The first group (9 episodes) included a narrow auditory meatus, a short neck, an overhang of the facial nerve canal, a thick foot plate. The second group (15 episodes) includes insufficient anesthesia, «floating stapes», stapedectomy, anvil dislocation, bleeding, psychoemotional instability. The closest audiological results of 50 operations presented after 2 months showed excellent results in 82 %, good results in 14 %, satisfactory results in 4 % of cases.
Conclusions. A thorough preoperative examination of the patient, including a computer tomography of the temporal bone, an audiologic examination, a good theoretical and technical training of the surgeon, is the key to restoring or improving hearing in people with otosclerosis. The technique of operation on the Causse allows to obtain excellent and good results in 96 % of observations.

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