Elaboration of the method of cultivation of the limbic epithelial stem cells of the cornea

Written by Dubovikov A.S., Konkieva A.V., Kulikov A.N., Churashov S.V., Chernysh V.F., Blinova M.I., Aleksandrova O.I.

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To analyze the possibility of culturing limbal epithelial stem cells, an experiment was performed on rabbits of the Chinchilla breed. Cultivation of cells obtained from fragments of limb tissue was performed on αMEM nutrient environment. On the 8th day, the growth of colonies of epithelial-like and fibroblastlike cells was noted. After treatment with antibodies against cytokeratin 19, the presence of limbal epithelial stem cells in the grown population was confirmed.

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A.S. Dubovikov1, A.V., Konkieva1, A.N. Kulikov1, S.V. Churashov1, V.F. Chernysh1, M.I. Blinova2, O.I. Aleksandrova2
1 Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov (6 Akademika Lebedeva St. Saint-Petersburg 194044 Russian Federation),
2 Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Science (4 Tikhoretskiy Ave. Saint-Petersburg 194064 Russian Federation)

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