Photodynamic therapy in the treatment of locally advanced esophageal cancer

Written by Tumanina A.N., Polezhaev A.A.

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Analyzed the results of endoscopic photodynamic therapy (EPT) in 17 patients of 47–76 years with inoperable locally advanced squamous esophagus cancer and with dysphagia of II–III stages. Complete restoration of the esophagus lumen was noted in 2 patients, incomplete (partial) – in 14 patients. The procedure was ineffective in one case. In patients with incomplete effect or with tumor recurrence, stenting of the esophagus was subsequently carried out. Thus, EPT allowed to achieve clinical remission of the disease and improvement in the quality and life span of 16 of the 17 inoperable patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer.

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A.N. Tumanina1, A.A. Polezhaev2
1 Primorskiy Regional Oncologic Center (59 Russkaya St. Vladivostok 690105 Russian Federation),
2 Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

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