Experience of the Pacific State Medical University on the implementation of the grant of the Government of the Sakhalin region

Written by Shumatov V.B., Krukovich E.V., Chernaya I.P., Trankovskaya L.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Lugovoy R.A., Soldatova Yu.A.

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Examined the experience of the Pacific State Medical University in the implementation of the grant of the Government of the Sakhalin region. The grant was implemented on the basis of an agreement between the University and the Ministry of Health of the Sakhalin region. Within the framework of the realization, the activities aimed at the development of the healthcare of the region were carried out: patient consultations, scientific and practical conferences and professional development programs, admission and admission tests for entrants in Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk, research aimed at improving the management of the regional health system. When implementing the grant, a project approach was used. Each event was considered as a project, project passports were developed and approved containing information on the work performed, results and necessary resources, and estimates were compiled. Management and control were carried out on the basis of the developed normative documents.

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V.B. Shumatov, E.V. Krukovich, I.P. Chernaya, L.V. Trankovskaya, V.V. Kuznetsov, R.A. Lugovoy, Yu.A. Soldatova
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

1. The Sakhalin Region State Program ‘Health Development in the Sakhalin Region for 2014-2020’, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Sakhalin Region of May 31, 2013 No. 281, taking into account the changes introduced by the resolutions of the Government of the Sakhalin Region from 12.31.2013, No. 818; from 05.14.2014, No. 222; from 09.02.2014, No. 418; from 12.31.2014, No. 679; from 06.25.2015, No. 233; from 12.10.2015, No. 493; from 12.31.2015, No. 581; from 03.24.2016, No. 125.) URL: http://minzdrav.admsakhalin. ru/modernization-program/
2. The Order of the Ministry of Health of the Sakhalin Region from 03.01.2016, No. 232-p ‘On approval of the winner of the tender for granting a grant from the regional budget of the Sakhalin Region in the form of a grant from an educational organization of higher education that provides training for medical workers and pharmaceutical workers.’) URL: http://minzdrav.admsakhalin.ru/ uploads/new/232p.pdf.


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