Neuroprotective therapy for glaucoma

Written by Pnyukhtina M.S., Khvan D.A., Filina N.V.

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One of the most important problems in ophthalmology is a treatment of patients with primary glaucoma. Nowadays about 10–15 % patients with glaucoma, even with appropriate treatment, are doomed to be blind. Normalization of intraocular tension is obligatory but does not guarantee the stabilization of glaucoma development. Neuroprotective therapy is believed to be important and aimed at preserving not dead but destructed with the ischemia of the axons of the ganglionic nerve cells. The groups of drugs and methods of treatment possessing neuroprotective action in glaucoma, and the problems that arise with the practicing physician in the appointment of neuroprotectors, are examined.

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M.S. Pnyukhtina, D.A. Khvan, N.V. Filina
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

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