Functional outcomes of operated retinal detachment

Written by Kozina E.V., Kazanskaya T.S., Gololobov V.T.

  UDK: 616.735–007.281–089 | Pages: 26–33 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 

The aim of surgical intervention in rheumatogenic retinal detachment is to achieve its anatomical fit. At the present stage of development of ophthalmic surgery, it is achieved in more than 70 % of cases. However, low visual acuity and persistent defects in color perception often make the functional results of operations poorly satisfactory. This review shows factors and mechanisms that reduce the functional effect of vitreoretinal interventions for rheumatogenic retinal detachment. The influence on the postoperative visual acuity of the presence or absence of macular detachment, its prescription and height, the severity of proliferative processes in the vitreous humor, the type and volume of the operation, the type of substance plugging the vitreous cavity, the state of artifics, and disturbances in ocular hydroand hemodynamics are argued. Predictors of low postoperative visual prognosis are presented. Additional extra-retinal causes of functional decline in operations were identified. The necessity of surgical treatment of retinal detachment within a period of up to a month from the moment of its appearance is substantiated, and the expediency of the final evaluation of visual functions six months after the intervention is substantiated. The ambiguity of the data presented in the survey preserves the urgency of the problem under investigation and suggests the need to find new ways to solve it.

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E.V. Kozina1, T.S. Kazanskaya2, V.T. Gololobov1
1 Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Prof. V.F. Voyno- Yasnetskiy (1 Partizana Zhelyaznyaka St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation),
2 Krasnoyarsk Regional Ophthalmic Clinical Hospital named after Prof. P.G. Makarov (1в Nikitina St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation)

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