Review of remineralizing drugs applied for prevention and treatment of the initial caries of ename

Written by Golovanenko A.L.

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One of the leading places in the prevention and treatment of initial caries of enamel is remineralization therapy. The article presents an overview of mono- and complex medicines in various dosage forms used for prevention and treatment of initial caries of enamel. Considered the main problem of implementation of associated mineralizing prevention is the instability of solutions with ions of calcium, phosphate and fluoride, as well as the theoretical basis combined mineralisa prevention and mechanism of action of local remineralization of funds, namely, to Supplement the periodontal environment remineralizing ions. Shown promising application in remineralization therapy application of medicinal forms on the basis of polymers – gels and films of drug. Due to the structured water in gels and films provided a protective effect regarding the interaction of the main mineralizing ions of calcium and phosphorus, which allows you to save them in the free active state and thereby provide a substantial increase in penetration into the crystal lattice of enamel.

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A.L. Golovanenko
Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy, (2 Polevaya St. Perm 614990 Russian Federation)

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