Clinical-immunological monitoring of etiological structure of idiopathic optic neuritis

Written by Povaliaeva D.A., Danilova G.P., Emanova L.P.

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Objective. The aim of this work is clinical-immunological monitoring with the determining of the role of herpesvirus (HPV) and chlamydial infection in etiological structure of idiopathic optic neuritis (ON).
Methods. A retrospective analysis of 45 patients (45 eyes) with acute idiopathic ON, aged 17 to 39 years. The criteria for selection of patients in the examined group is the lack of multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system diseases, acute and chronic specific infections.
Results. Immunoassay monitoring of serum showed etiological involvement of HPV in the development of idiopathic ON. Detailed immunoassay to detect specific antibodies of various classes confirmed etiological dominance in patients with idiopathic ON HSV- in the form monoinfection (51.5 %) and a virusvirus associations (26.7 %). Low avidity antibodies of class IgG at the values of avidity index less than 50 % were diagnosed in a significant number of patients with different serotypes of HPV (65.5 %) in serum.
Conclusions. Etiological participation of major serotypes of HPV was proved in 45 patients (100 % of cases) with idiopathic ON. Additional tests as a measure of avidity index significantly increase the possibility of etiologic diagnosis of idiopathic ON.

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D.A. Povaliaeva1, G.P. Danilova1, 2, L.P. Emanova1
1 Khabarovsk branch of S.N. Fyodorov MNTK «Eye Microsurgery» (211 Tikhookeanskaya St. Khabarovsk 680033 Russian Federation),
2 Postgraduate Institute for Public Health Workers (9 Krasnodarskaya St. Khabarovsk 680000 Russian Federation)

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