A combination of energy methods of treatment in the treatment of induced corneal dystrophy

Written by Skachkov D.P., Drovnyak D.Ya., Shtilerman A.L.

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Objective. Secondary endothelial-epithelial dystrophy (EED) of the cornea is one of the terrible complications of surgical interventions on the eyeball and severe inflammatory diseases of the cornea. The combined effect of cross-linking of corneal collagen followed by phototherapeutic keratostromectomy allows to be considered pathogenetically justified in the treatment of induced EED.
Methods. 36 patients (36 eyes) were observed under observation with III stage of EED. In all patients, the EED developed after cataract extraction using various
methods. It corresponded to the third stage of the EED. Of all patients, two observation groups were formed. The first (control) group consisted of 18 people who underwent cross-linking of corneal collagen. In 18 patients in the second (main) group, corneal collagen cross-linking was combined with phototherapeutic keratostromectomy.
Results. The timing of completion of epithelization in the control group varied from 7 to 14 days, in the main – from 6 to 10 days. Mean pachymetry values after 1 month in the control group were 754±33 μm and in the main – 647±48 μm. The visual acuity is higher in the patients of the main group.
Conclusions. The combination of a krosslinking of corneal collagen and a phototherapeutic keratostromektomiya, is an effective method of treatment of the induced EED of the cornea in the III stage of a disease and renders lasting medical effect as in the early and late postoperative period.

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D.P. Skachkov1, D.Ya. Drovnyak1, A.L. Shtilerman2
1 Medline MITSAR (52 Kalinina St. Blagoveschensk 675000 Russian Federation),
2 Amur State Medical Academy (95 Gorkogo St. Blagoveschensk 675000 Russian Federation)

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