Structure, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the cornea on the basis of the Vladivostok Clinical Diagnostic Ophthalmology Center in 2016–2017

Written by Kabieva A.A., Shulgina N.A., Doronina L.V., Rypalova I.D., Gandzha Yu.N., Sereda T.G., Abizyaeva I.L.

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An analysis of the structure of inflammatory diseases of the anterior segment of the eye was made based on the results of the work of ophthalmologists at the Vladivostok Clinical Diagnostic Center (VCDC) for the period 2011–2017. Inflammatory diseases of the cornea accounted for 11.9 to 20.5 % in the observed period. A decrease in the rate of treatment of patients with keratitis in the outpatient and polyclinic ophthalmology center in 2016–2017, which is associated with the need for numbering directions within the framework of compulsory health insurance. Such restructuring led to an increase in paid applications to 12.7 and 40.3 % in patients with keratitis. A large proportion of the incidence in the last two years was attributable to viral keratitis, prone to recurrent course, and was 72 % and 66.7 %, respectively. Patients with keratitis of various etiologies with ophthalmologists of the VKDC were provided with a full volume of diagnostic and therapeutic measures, ranging from 18.1 to 100 %. Patients with superficial viral keratitis managed to achieve recovery on average for 14.5 days, with deep keratitis – for 25.2 days.

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A.A. Kabieva1, N.A. Shulgina2, L.V. Doronina1, I.D. Rypalova1, Yu.N. Gandzha1, T.G. Sereda1, I.L. Abizyaeva1
1 Vladivostok Clinical Diagnostic Center (169/171 Svetlanskaya St. Vladivostok 690001 Russian Federation),
2 Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

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