Characteristics of adverse outcomes of HIV-infection in the Siberian Federal District

Written by Dovgopolyuk E.S., Levakhina L.I., Tyumentsev A.T., Pasechnik O.A., Aksyutina L.P.

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Objective. The study objective is to analyze the epidemiological manifestations of HIV-infection and the reasons of mortality of patients with HIV-infection in the Siberian Federal District.
Methods. We have studied the dynamics and mortality reasons of 24,339 patients with HIV-infection in the Siberian Federal District, died from different reasons during 2010–2015. A retrospective observational descriptive-evaluative epidemiological study was performed. A generally accepted algorithm for the epidemiological analysis of data from forms of statistical surveillance, newsletters, and notifications of the death of HIV-infected patients was used.
Results. In the SFD at the beginning of 2018, 256,761 HIV cases were diagnosed, and the cumulative incidence rate was 1328.5 per 100,000 of population. During this period, 53,182 (20.7 %) patients died from various causes. More than 55 % of deaths (n = 29,654) occurred in two regions – Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions. Among the deceased, men predominated (71.5 %). 54 % of the dead were aged 30-39 y.o, 84.6 % of patients were in the subclinical stage and stage of secondary diseases. In antiretroviral therapy, about 70 % of the deceased needed it, but it was conducted in 2010 by 18.6 % (by 2015 this figure had risen to 27.3 %). In 42.1 % of cases, death was associated with the manifestation of mycobacterial infection. The percent of deaths from external causes decreased from 21.8 to 12.4 %. Conclusion. The obtained results show the need to improve approaches to the organization of early detection of HIV-infection, the formation of adherence to prevention and specific treatment, and the optimization of the system of epidemiological surveillance of HIV-infection.

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E.S. Dovgopolyuk1, L.I. Levakhina1, A.T. Tyumentsev1, O.A. Pasechnik2, L.P. Aksyutina2
1 Omsk Research Institute of Natural Focal Infections (7 Mira St. Omsk 644050 Russian Federation),
2 Omsk State Medical University (9 Mira St. Omsk 644050 Russian Federation)

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