Epidemiology of glaucoma in Primorskiy territory

Written by Dogadova L.P., Melnikov V.Ya., Abdullin E.A.

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There were 1,316,231 people (1.1 % of all the population) with glaucoma in the Russian Federation on 01/01/2017. Such a situation can be explained by insufficient work management and the absence of Federal programs on protection of sense of vision. There is a range of regulatory documents on this problem in Primorskiy territory, and the only one glaucoma office is still working in Far East Federal District. According to the data of medico-demographic statistics, there was an increase in the incidence of glaucoma from 1.2 to 2.3 per 1000 population over 40 years in the region. In 2017, the number of newly identified patients with the first stage of glaucoma increased by more than 10 %, and the primary disability for this disease increased by 4.2 %. All these data suggest the need for effective measures to identify glaucoma, and most importantly - for proactive work among the population of the region.

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L.P. Dogadova1, V.Ya. Melnikov1, E.A. Abdullin2
1 Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation),
2 Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 (55 Russkaya St. Vladivostok 690105 Russian Federation)

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