The role of the Children’s Eye Department in the provision of ophthalmological care to children of the Primorsky territory

Written by Titovets V.V., Mojilevskaya E.S., Ryabchenko L.S., Bykova G.A.

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The activity of Children's Eye Department of Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 (Vladivostok) was analyzed. Over the past three years, 3995 children have been treated here. The percent of regional patients was more than 60 %. 116 people (9.5 % of the number of hospitalized patients). Steady growth of surgical activity was noted by 10 % and by the number of operations, and by the number of operated patients.

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V.V. Titovets, E.S. Mojilevskaya, L.S. Ryabchenko, G.A. Bykova
Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 (55 Russkaya St. Vladivostok 690105 Russian Federation)


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