The state of mucosal immunity in patients with periodontitis

Written by Golitsyna A.A., Yugay Yu.V., Pervov Yu.Yu., Klimkina T.N., Kovalchuk V.K.

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Objective. With the violation of mucosal immunity, the development of chronic generalized periodontitis is associated, which occupies one of the leading places in the structure of dental diseases. Of great interest are the immunological aspects of the formation of periodontal pathology in conditions of violations of carbohydrate metabolism.
Methods. 65 patients were examined, including: 30 patients – 1st group and 35 patients –2nd group. The control group consisted of healthy volunteers (30 people). Levels of TNFα, INFγ, IL-4, IL-13 and sIgA were determined by the sandwich version of the enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay. The statistical processing of the material was carried out using the SPSS v 16 program.
Results. Significant increases in TNFα, INFγ, IL-4 and IL-13 levels were registered in both groups of patients, as well as a decrease in sIgA concentrations. In patients with periodontitis without concomitant pathology, hyperproduction of TNFα and a deficiency of sIgA have been established. In the group of patients suffering from periodontitis against the background of type II diabetes, a more significant increase in IL-4 and IL-13 was revealed.
Conclusions. the obtained results of the study testify to the clinically significant insolvency of both congenital and adaptive humoral immunity, characterized by a violation of the cytokine balance and hypo production of sIgA, which causes weakening of the local immune defense of the oral cavity.

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A.A. Golitsyna, Yu.V. Yugay, Yu.Yu. Pervov, T.N. Klimkina, V.K. Kovalchuk
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

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