The use of interferon and its inductors in outpatient pediatric practice

Written by Surovenko T.N., Priseko L.G.

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Objective. Interferon and its inductors are extensively used in pediatrics in combined treatment of acute upper respiratory tract viral infection due to their antiviral and immunomodulatory effect. Among national scientists and clinicians there is still no consensus on their effectiveness. The concrete problem is of interest.
Methods. We conducted a retrospective analysis of 344 case records of children who treated in 2012–2017 in Outpatient Clinic No. 3 (Vladivostok). The selection was made by the prescription of interferon and its inductors.
Results. Recombinant alpha-interferon (‘Veferon’), inductor ‘Anaferon detskiy’, and combined drug ‘Citovir-3’ were predominantly used in the group of young children. ‘Anaferon detskiy’ and ‘Citovir-3’ were predominantly used in the group of preteen children. Interferon inductors (‘Cikloferon’ and ‘Ergoferon’) were predominantly used in the third age group. Interferon inductors were also prescribed to children as a medical prevention before and after the immunization during 3–5 days. There was no report on allergic and autoimmune reactions to these drugs during the analysis of outpatient case records. In general, interferon drugs were prescribed in 43.3 %, and interferon inductors – in 56.7 % of cases. Conclusion. Thus interferon drugs and it inductors are extensively used in pediatrics in children from young age in combined therapy of acute upper respiratory tract viral infection, and as immunomodulators for preventive purposes as well. Recombinant interferon drugs and interferon inductors are registered in Russia and some counties of CIS, and its use in pediatrics requires a further analysis both the effectiveness and the safety.

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T.N. Surovenko, L.G. Priseko
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690002 Russian Federation)

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