In memory of professor V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky – archbishop and surgeon: To the 140th anniversary from the birthday

Written by Morgoshiia T.Sh.

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After obtaining the diploma of the doctor Voino- Yasenetsky was improved in clinic, P. I. Dyakonov and at the Institute of topographic anatomy and operative surgery at F.A. Reina, and then returned to the practice of the surgeon. In 1905–1914 V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky worked as a country doctor in hospitals Simbirsk, Kursk and Vladimir provinces, and in the years of the first world war was a surgeon and chief physician of the infirmary for the wounded. The article noted that in 1915 Voyno-Yasenetsky issued in St. Petersburg the book «Regional anesthesia» with his own illustrations, and in 1916 he defended at Moscow University his doctoral thesis on regional anesthesia: the dissertation was awarded the University of Warsaw. In 1917 – 1930s he worked in Tashkent – the first doctor-surgeon of the city hospital, and from March 1917 – chief doctor. Since 1920 Voyno-Yasenetsky became a professor of topographical anatomy and operative surgery of newly discovered Turkestan University. Analyzes his contributions to practical surgery. Stated that he owns the delete operation affected purulent process in the sacroiliac joint, the posterior part of the Ilium (pelvic resection for Voyno-Yasenetsky), an incision in the popliteal fossa, supplementing arthrotomy purulent chase (cut Voyno- Yasenetsky). He worked on other problems of clinical surgery. Voyno-Yasenetsky belongs to the original closure method of the wound located on the periphery of the diaphragm (method Voyno-Yasenetsky). He has proposed a way of mobilization of the spleen and ligation of blood vessels during splenectomy (method Voyno-Yasenetsky). He described important for surgeons topographic-anatomical landmarks – the projection of the sciatic nerve on the skin back of the thigh (line Voyno- Yasenetsky) and the place of exit of the sciatic nerve under the gluteal folds (dot Voyno-Yasenetsky). The book «Sketches of purulent surgery» (1943) and «Late of resection for infected gunshot wounds of the joints» (1944) in 1946 he was awarded the Stalin prize of the first degree.

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T.Sh. Morgoshiia
Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University (2 Litovskaya St. Saint-Petersburg 194100 Russian Federation)

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