Results of optic nerve electrostimulation in combination with the use of peptide regulator in patients with glaucoma

Written by Sorokina E.V., Krasnogorskaya V.N., Petrova A.A., Bekker A.Y.

  UDK: 617.7–007.681–085.216.84:615.84 | DOI: 10.17238/PmJ1609-1175.2019.2.88–91 | Pages: 88–91 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


Objective: is to assess the effectiveness of complex treatment of stabilized primary open-angle incipient glaucoma with normal intraocular pressure including parabulbar administration of ‘Cortexin’ and electrostimulation of optic nerve.
Methods: We examined 42 patients (72 eyes) with stabilized primary open-angle incipient glaucoma. 32 patients (56 eyes) were administered 10 mg of “Cortexin” parabulbarly and retina and optic nerve were (1st group), 10 patients (16 eyes) received only hypotensive therapy (2nd group, control).
Results: Electrostimulation in combination with neuroprotective therapy enabled to improve vision acuity in 83 %, peripheral visual field by 50° in average (eight meridians in total) – in 91 % of patients. In 94 % of cases in average electrosensitivity of visual system decreased by120.8 μA, and electrolability increased by 5.2 Hz.
Conclusions: The proposed method of complex treatment of glaucoma improves the stability of the nerve cells of the eye to pathological factors causing a decrease in visual functions, and can be considered an effective method aimed at their preservation and stabilization of the glaucomatous process.

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E.V. Sorokina1, V.N. Krasnogorskaya1, 2, A.A. Petrova3, A.Y. Bekker2
1 City Clinical Hospital (32 Bolnichnaya St. Blagoveshchensk 675000 Russian Federation),
2 Amur State Medical Academy (95 Gorkogo St. Blagoveshchensk 675000 Russian Federation),
3 City Polyclinic No. 1 (82 Kalinina St. Blagoveshchensk 675000 Russian Federation)

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