Ophthalmological care in hospital ship conditions

Written by Grigoryev D.V., Rogushin I.V.

  UDK: 617.7–001.4–089:656.614 | DOI: 10.17238/PmJ1609-1175.2019.2.91–92 | Pages: 91–92 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


We described a clinical case of specialized care in hospital ship in open globe injury with intraocular foreign body. We have analyzed the examination
results, process and features of surgical debridement of an open globe injury in hospital ship conditions at sea, further therapy which resulted in the preservation of high visual acuity and working efficiency of an injured person.

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D.V. Grigoryev, I.V. Rogushin
1477 Naval Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (4 Ivanovskaya St. Vladivostok 690005 Russian Federation)

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