On the occasion of 170th anniversary of the birth of leading urologists J. Israel and M. Nitze

Written by Morgoshiia T.Sh.

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Among the glorious galaxy of famous German urologists in the first row are the names of James Israel and Max Nitze. J. Israel (1848–1926) developed issues of diagnostics and surgical treatment of kidney and ureter diseases, publish a range of fundamental works which determined urology development many years ahead. Maximillian Nitze (1948–1906) – inventor of cystoscope of modern type, author of fundamental guide on cystoscopy and the first cystophotographic atlas. The current state of clinical urology is determined by the progress of basic research in biology, physics, biochemistry, bacteriology, immunology, pharmacology. At the same time, the personality of the medical scientist, his observation, non-standard view, ability to see the prospects and educate worthy students, which the great German urologists J. Israel and M. Nietze fully matched, are of utmost importance.

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T.Sh. Morgoshiia
Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University (2 Litovskaya St. Saint-Petersburg 194100 Russian Federation)

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