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Editor-in-Chief - Rector of the Vladivostok State Medical University, MD, prof. - Shumatov Valentin B.

1981 – graduated the General medicine, Vladivostok State Medical University.
1986 – starts working at the Vladivostok State Medical University.
1999 – defended the doctoral dissertation on "Epidural analgesia with morphine and the value NO-ergic mechanisms in the formation of the antinociceptive effect" in Moscow.
2002 – become the Head of the Anesthesiology, critical care medicine and ambulance department.
2007 april 20 –become Rector of VSMU
2008 june - become the Chairman of the Dissertation Council K 208.007.01 at SBEI HPE VSMU Ministry of Russia by specialties: 14.00.05 - internal medicine, 14.00.27 - surgery, 14.00.09 - Pediatrics.
2011 december 20 - re-elected to the post of Rector VSMU

Doctor of the highest category, and a renowned expert in the field of anesthesiology and critical care medicine. Leads the research in the field of "The pathogenetic mechanisms of multiple organ dysfunction in critical conditions, developing criteria for its early detection, prevention and correction", which is one of the main research directions VSMU.

Has published over 200 scientific works in the field of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features of disease in populations of Primorye, 50 training and educational handbooks.

Under the leadership and consultation of V.B. Shumatov were prepared 1 doctor and 17 candidates of medical sciences.

In view of his experience of public, educational, and scientific activities, business reputation, V.B. Shumatov was elected as a chairman of the Rectors Council of the Primorsky Territory. He is also the chairman of the Coordination teaching-methodical Council of medical school Russian Far Eastern Federal District.

Shumatov V.B. has government awards.

Deputy Chief Editor - Dr. of Medical Sciences, prof. E.V. Eliseeva

EliseevaVice-Rector of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Pacific State Medical University" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

1995 - graduated with honors from the medical faculty of the Vladivostok State Medical University, subordinate in the specialty "Therapy".
1998 - defended her PhD thesis "The reaction of nitroxidine synthase and mast cells of the respiratory organs on substances of adrenergic action in normal and experimental bronchial asthma."
2002 - defended her doctoral thesis "Morphological basis of nitrooxidergic regulation of the respiratory system." Since 2002 - Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training of PSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.
Since 2010 - Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology along with the courses of Professional Training.
2013-2018 - Worked as Deputy Director of the Department of Health and Healthcare of the Primorsky Region.
from 2018 - Vice-Rector of the Pacific State Medical University. Eliseeva E.V. supervises scientific research in the following areas: “Nitroxidergic regulation of visceral functions and the possibility of its pharmacological correction”; “Nitroxidergic mechanisms of development and pharmacological correction of pain”, “Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomic research in medicine”; "Clinical and pharmacological rationale for rational antibiotic therapy and antibiotic prophylaxis." Under her leadership 18 dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical sciences and 2 - doctors of medical sciences weren successfully conducted. Eliseeva E.V. - author of 7 monographs, 17 educational and methodical manuals; more than 350 scientific papers, including 156 articles in Russian journals included in the list of HAC, 36 publications in journals included in the abstract database and Scopus citation systems. Co-author of 2 patents. She was awarded by honorary awards: Winner of the X All-Russian Competition "Best Doctor of the Year" in the nomination "Doctor - Clinical Pharmacologist"; Diploma of the Ministry of Health and Social Development; Gratitude of the Governor of Primorsky Krai; Honored Diploma of VSMU; Acknowledgment of VSMU: Honored Diploma of Pacific State Medical University.

chertokChief Editor Dep. - the Head of the Human Anatomy Department VSMU, MD, prof. - Chertok Victor M.

1971 - graduated the General medicine, Vladivostok State Medical University.
1978 - defended the candidate dissertation on “The functional morphology of the base brain arteries”.
1982 - was awarded by Academy of Medical Sciences USSR in the field of Cerebral blood flow regulation.
1985 - defended the doctor dissertation on “The histophysiology neurovascular system of pia mater and the substance of the brain”.
1987 - professor of the Histology and Embryology Department VSMU.
1988 - become the Head of the Human Anatomy Department.
1986 - 1992 - acted Vice-Rector of Training and Education work.

Has published over 200 scientific works including 5 monographs. Under the leadership and consultation of V.M. Chertok were prepared 19 candidates of medical sciences.

Researching the questions of neurovascular ensure internal organs under normal, experimental and pathological conditions.

V.M. Chertok is the member of Specialized Council on thesis defending, the member of the microcirculatory unit ESS and the member of American Association for the Advancement of Science. Also, V.M. Chertok is the main expert of the State Scientific and Technical Program “Health of the Russian population” and the patron member of the New York Academy of Sciences.


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