General Information

Foundedin 1997, publishedevery 3 months


Registration Certificate of the Russian Ministry of Press Broadcasting,
and Mass Communications of the PI № 77-13584 of 20.09.2002

 – prof. V.B.Shumatov, MD
Chief Editor Dep. – prof. E.V. Eliseeva, MD
Chief Editor Dep. – prof. V.M.Chertok, MD
Executive Secretary – prof. M.V. Bektasova, MD

Editorial Board:
Academician of RAMS,  Professor N.N. Besednova, MD,  corresponding member of RAMS prof. B.I. Gelzer, MD, prof. E.V. Eliseeva, MD, prof. Y.V. Kaminsky, MD, prof. E.V. Krukovich, MD, prof. Y.V. Kulakov, MD, prof. V.N. Luchaninova, MD, prof. V.I. Nevozhay, MD, prof. V.A. Petrov, MD,  V.G. Seyidov, MD, prof. V.B. Turkutyukov, MD, prof.,Dr. of Biologic Science Y.S. Khotimchenko, prof. V.V. Shapkin, MD, prof. A.D. Yutskovsky,  prof.,  Dr. of Chemical Science Lukyanov Pavel Alexandrovich.

Editorial Council: prof. A.S. Belevsky, MD (Moscow), prof. A.F. Belyaev, MD, prof. A.V. Gordeets, MD, prof. Y.I. Greenstein (Krasnoyarsk),MD, prof. S.Y. Gulyaeva, MD, doc. N.A. Dogadina, PhD, prof. V.A. Ivanis, MD, prof. Y.I. Ishpakhtin, MD, prof. V.P. Kolosov (Blagoveshchensk), doc. D.B. Larionova, PhD, prof. V.Y. Mareyev, MD, (Moscow), Dr. med. Sciences, prof. V.J. Melnikov, MD, prof. P.A. Motavkin, MD, prof. A.J. Osin, MD, prof. A.A. Polezhaev, MD, prof. B.J. Ryzhavsky (Khabarovsk), MD,  prof. L.M.Somova, MD, prof. G.I. Sukhanova, MD, prof. N.D. Tatarkina, MD, doc. L.N. Trusova, PhD, doc. G.I. Tsyvkina, PhD,  prof. Jin Liang Hong (PRC), prof. Moon oh Riin (Republic of Korea), prof. Yamamoto Masahary (Japan), prof. Zhao Baochang (PRC).

Scientific editor:
O.G. Polushin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


- Pacific State Medical University 
- Prinmorski Territory Administration, Health Care dept.
- OS RAMS RI of Epidemiology and Microbiology
- Regional Clinical Center of Maternal and Child Health Care

Editorial Office: 690950 Vladivostok, Ostryakov av., 2, Pacific State Medical University

Tel. / Fax: (423) 245-77-80

Scientific editor: O.G.Polushin

Editor: I.M. Zabavnikova

Editorial Mgr.: E.P. Kargalova

Technical Editor: T.V. Peterson

Tel.: (423) 245-56-49

Corrector: I.M. Lugovaa

The magazine is published by the publishing house "MEDITSYNA DV": 690950 Vladivostok, Ostryakov av., 4; tel.: 245-56-49

The Journal is e[posed on the Internet with the participation of VSMU library.


Founded in 1997  |  Editions in a year: 4, Articles in one issue: 30 |  ISSN of print version: 1609-1175  |  Ind.: 18410 (Agency "Rospechat’")  |  Edition: 1000 c.