Editorial Board

Academician of RAMS,  Professor N.N. Besednova, MD,  corresponding member of RAMS prof. B.I. Gelzer, MD, prof. E.V. Eliseeva, MD, prof. Y.V. Kaminsky, MD, prof. E.V. Krukovich, MD, prof. Y.V. Kulakov, MD, prof. V.N. Luchaninova, MD, prof. V.I. Nevozhay, MD, prof. V.A. Petrov, MD,  V.G. Seyidov, MD, prof. V.B. Turkutyukov, MD, prof., Dr. of Biologic Science Y.S. Khotimchenko, prof. V.V. Shapkin, MD, prof. A.D. Yutskovsky,  prof.,  Dr. of Chemical Science Lukyanov Pavel Alexandrovich.

Scientific editor: O.G. Polushin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Founded in 1997  |  Editions in a year: 4, Articles in one issue: 30 |  ISSN of print version: 1609-1175  |  Ind.: 18410 (Agency "Rospechat’")  |  Edition: 1000 c.