Submission of manuscripts


1. General principles
All papers got by the editorial staff of the Pasific Medical journal are reviewed. The decision about the publication of the paper is taken by the editor-in-chief on the basis of a positive review and recommendation of one of the scientific editors.
Only original papers which were not published earlier in other editions can be published in the journal. The editorial board reserves the right of editing and choosing the materials for publication.
The papers are published in Russian or in English, and each paper should obligatory contain the abstract (up to 600 signs) and, it is desirable, conclusions (up to 600 signs) which will simplify reviewing of paper.
2. Conditions of publication
The authors should present the following materials to the editorial staff (as appendices to the brief electronic letter) for publishing a paper in the Pasific Medical journal:
2.1. The paper should be printed twice, on one side of a standard sheet of A4 with double-space between lines (56-60 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation marks, 29-30 lines per page). One CD with the paper must be attached.
2.2. The electronic personal card of the author containing:
- Surname, name not abbreviated;
- A scientific degree and an academic status;
- A place of work or study (for a higher school, besides its name to specify faculty and department);
- Position;
- The address of the organization, an e-mail address of the author.

Editorial board reserves the right to itself to reject paper or to send it on completion.

Note 1. The abstract must be attached to the paper (in Russian or in English up to 0.5 pages in 2 copies).
Note 2. All publications of papers are free for authors
3. Preparation of paper

The volume of the text of paper should be not 8-10 pages (except illustrations, abstract and references). In the beginning of the paper should be note the last names of the authors, head line of the paper, full name of the organization, post address and key words.
All quotations, chemical formulas, tables and dosages given in the articles should be carefully checked and signed by the author in the fields. The units are given in the SI system.

Paper prepared for publication should be issued in format IMRAD. The paper must have next rubrics: introduction, the material and methods, the results of the researches and conclusion. The quantity of illustrations, as a rule, should not exceed 3.
The list of the quoted literature is resulted in the end of paper.
Please send yours paper to the Editorial Office:
690950 Vladivostok, Ostryakov av., 2, Pacific State Medical University, “Pasific Medical Journal”, editorial office.


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